Model AWM 235.60: Crate washer

Basic Line construction minimises operational costs, more specifically in relation to consumption of water, energy and chemicals. A strong customer-oriented approach and willingness to listen and provide precision custom-made works is what makes Cretel NV an ideal partner for solving the more complex cleaning problems.

Multi-purpose crates and bins (Euro-pool), commonly used in food industry, as its main feature is a returnable packaging, washing is of utmost importance.


  • Designed for minimal operation spaces and small plants
  • Fully open and hygienic construction
  • Rinsing water recuperation with return to the washing tank
  • Easy cleanable static filter cartridge
  • Chain transport system with variable speed
  • Electrical heating thermostatically controlled heating system with digital read out


  • Transport system with stainless steel belt (WR 125.40B)
  • Exhaust System
  • One Person Operation
  • Dosing System
Capacity125 / Hour
Maximum Crate Width400 mm
Maximum Crate Higth300 mm
CyclesWash + Rinse
Water Circulation Pump7,5 kW - 750 L/min - 2,5 Bar
Dimension (L x W x H)2136 x 1130 x 1486 mm