Bins 40 - 200 l

All-round durability for highest demands

  • Meet all demands for hygiene
  • Available with mobile trolleys
  • Always natural virgin HDPE
  • Robust and extremely durable

Quality is of top priority for plastic bins from Craemer. They are ideally suited to a wide range of applications, especially where a high level of hygiene is required, for example in meat and food industries. They are often used to safely store and transport solid and liquid substances, which the robust bins easily manage. All of them are available with lid and a snap-on lid for the 75 l and 110 l bins ensuring a watertight closure. All of the bins can be used in temperatures ranging from -30° C to +70° C.

Tubs and Buckets 20 - 85 l

The versatile programme for universal use

  • Meet all demands for hygiene
  • Especially proven and tested by the fish, food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Always natural virgin HDPE
  • Robust and extremely durable

Primarily this product programme meets the demands of the food and fish industries but due to its characteristic features, is suitable for a wide range of cross-industry applications. The tubs are manufactured from pure HDPE and their design ensures high stability and a long service life. Easy handling is assured by their stable hand grips and/or handles made from stainless steel and dirt doesn’t stand a chance on the smooth outer and inner surfaces. Tubs from Craemer meet the highest demands for quality. As with all the other container product lines, tubs from Craemer can be used in temperatures ranging from -30° C to +70° C.

Round containersTechnical Data*
Art. No.DescriptionExternal/Internal Dimensions mm
L x W x H
Weight kgMaterialColour
81091110Bin 40 l, nestable, stackable with lidØ 420 x 445
Ø 370 x 425
82310000Trolley with handle bar for 40 l bin770 x 495 x 9506.5zinc-coated
81081110Bin 50 l, nestable, stackable with lidØ 420 x 540
Ø 370 x 520
80173130Lid for 40 l and 50 l bin (stackable)Ø 428 x 150.3PPnature
82300000Trolley with handle bar for 50 l bin770 x 495 x 9506.5zinc-coated
81071110Bin 75 l, nestable, stackable with lidØ 515 x 530
Ø 455 x 512
81061110Bin 110 l, nestable, stackable with lidØ 515 x 733
Ø 460 x 725
80153120Lid for 75 l and 110 l bin (stackable)Ø 534 x 350.9HDPEnature
80493140Snap–on lid for 75 l and 110 l bin (stackable)Ø 525 x 300.9HDPEnature
82210000Trolley with handle bar for 75 l and 110 l bin900 x 581 x 9507.3zinc-coated
81481110Bin 200 l, nestable, stackable with lidØ 730 x 670
Ø 665 x 655
80143110Lid for 200 l bin (stackable)Ø 745 x 802.3HDPEnature
82200000Trolley for 200 l bin645 x 645 x 93522.3zinc-coated
81141111Bucket 20 l, round, with steel handles, nestableØ 380 (top) x 280
Ø 337 (top) x 255
1.3HDPE, handles zinc-coatednature
81521111Bucket 30 l, round, with steel handles, nestableØ 380 (top) x 420
Ø 330 (top) x 400
1.8HDPE, handles zinc-coatednature
81121110Tub 65 l, round, with recessed handles, nestableØ 590 (top) x 330
Ø 535 (top) x 325
80201000Lid for 65 l tubØ 595 x 300.6HDPEnature
81101110Tub 85 l, round, with recessed handles, nestableØ 628 (top) x 385
Ø 576 (top) x 365
80191000Lid for 85 l tubØ 640 x 300.7HDPEnature
Individual colours, printings depending on quantity of request
* All technical data include characteristic features which have been tested under specially defined conditions (for a period of 28 days at a room temperature of 20°C using water and therespective lid for container). Varying data may result from different conditions of usage such as loading method, prevailing temperature and length of storage time. Our service team is pleased to be at your disposal to check the special requirements of your individual application.