PÄRLMUTTER LLC is founded in 1995. We are the distributors of new technology, equipment and plastic products for Food and Fishing Industry in Baltic States. Our partners in business are well-known European companies.

BORGARPLAST HF (Iceland): Insulated fish tubs, pallet containers, pallets

PAUL CRAEMER GmbH (Germany): Fish crates, boxes, containers, pallets, tubs

BEKUPLAST GmbH (Germany): Euro Norm Series plastic boxes and containers for every industry

CRETEL NV (Belgium): Fish and meat processing equipment, vacuum packaging machines

EUSKAN FISH HANDLING SYSTEMS S.L. (Danmark & Spain): Vacuum systems and pumps for Fishing Industry

PERUZA SIA (Latvia): Non-standart solutions and equipment for Food Industry

EZQUERRA SEAMERS S.L. (Spain): Seamers for Food Industry

N-ICE OÜ: Protective clothing www.66north.ee