Know how of Peruza is in conformity with specific sanitation requirements for the food industry that fully complies with HACCP and EU quality standards for the adequate production.

Many food industry plants in Latvia and Estonia, applying for confirmation of EU export certification, operate with equipment made by Peruza.

The following solutions are offered to our customers for improvement of processing technologies:

  • Robot stations and packaging solutions
  • Equipment and production lines for horizontal and vertical transportation
  • Washing conveyor lines for different kind of products
  • Tare washing equipment
  • Equipment for thermal treatment
  • Special containers and tanks
  • Carriages and trolleys for production preparing and movement
  • Treatment lines and working places
  • Filters, trays and fat collectors
  • Packing conveyor line for canned products
  • Grading equipment
  • Sanitary stations, insect killers, air purification stations
  • Working seats and pallets with spinal supports

Solutions and equipment for fishing industry

Each equipment made by Peruza is developed to optimise the technological process, by which the handling period of food stuff is minimized and the product quality is preserved.

“Riga Sprats” in oil – one of the most well known Latvian food stuff - are produced by Peruza technological lines, which includes the following equipment items:

  • Fish recipient, internal transportation and fish washing systems
  • Fish grading Deforestation
  • Pickle and marinade lines
  • Smoking tunnels and cameras
  • Smoke and heat generators, wooden chips cutters
  • Filleting and trimming lines
  • Dosing and cutting lines
  • Canned production conveyors

Solutions and equipment for meat industry

We can perform the following production appropriate with quality requirements:

  • Rails and suspension devices for slaughterhouses
  • Lines and working tables for meat separation, blocks
  • Conveyors with metal detectors
  • Carriages and trolleys for meat, sausage production
  • Containers with mixers
  • Packing lines for goods
  • Expedition lines
  • Washing equipment for tare

Additional solutions and equipment for food industry

Produced are following equipment for different usage in:

  • Washing machines for vegetables and fruits
  • Berries and mushroom grading and fanning machines
  • Washing lines for packing containers and glass jars
  • Equipment and production lines for horizontal and vertical transportation of glass jars
  • Conveyors with frost blasting technologies
  • Containers for gravies, sauces
  • All kind of non-standard equipment