About Borgarplast

Rotational moulding

Borgarplast is an industrial manufacturing company which was established in Iceland in 1971. In 1983 Borgarplast set up a rotational moulding factory near to Reykjavik.

Polyethylene tubs and pallets

Borgarplast manufactures a wide range of Polystyrene (EPS) and Polyethylene (PE) products. It’s main exports are PE tubs, pallets and bins.

Quality and enviromental issues

Borgarplast has attained both ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 14001 enviromental certification. The company devotes 8-10% it’s annual revenues to quality and R & D issues and is engaged in a programme of ongoing enhancements in the fields of the enviroment a pollution control.

Production capacity and size

Borgarplast ranks among the 300 largest companies in Iceland in terms of turnover. Annual production capacity at it’s rotational moulding division is equivalent to 75 000 tubs.

International Customers

Export account for around half of Borgarplast’s revenues. Buyers of tubs include companies in the food industries in all the continents of the world.

About Borgorplast

Borgarplast was founded in 1971. Borgarplast defines itself as a manufacturer of containers and packaging, since 70 -75 % of its production is mainly used in the food industry and for transportation of fresh food. Company products have been sold to forty countries in all the continents of the world. Buyers operate in fields including harvesting and processing of fish, lobster, shrimp and other shellfish; fish and shrimp farming; pickling and marinating of fish and meat products; beef, pork and chicken production and value-added meat processing; storage and transportation of ice and liquid ice, cheese making, winemaking and pickles; pet food production and collection of fish and meat waste; tanning of skins and hides; transportation of fresh meat, fish and fruit by truck, marine container, train and air; storage of various foods; and transportation of pharmaceuticals. In 1993 Borgarplast’s quality system was certificated to the ISO 9001 standard, the first Icelandic industrial manufacturing company to achieve this recognition. Borgarplast also became the first Icelandic company to receive certification to the international environmental standard ISO 14001 in 1999, and was one of the first 6,000 companies in the world to do so.

For more info: www.borgarplast.com