Genestho Modular Conveyor Systems

Roller Chain Conveyor for Pallets | Genestho 8 Series

Genestho 886 | Genestho 887 | Genestho 888

The modular conveyor system is used to the transport of pallets with a load of up to 1500 kg. Genestho offers the principled development of a warehouse system that provides for optimal placement of freight units in stock and efficient management with the Genestho Electra system. When development a warehouse system, we take into account all interconnections and interdependencies between external and internal warehouse streams. Conveyor Management System Genestho Electra is fully integrated with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems of your enterprise.

Packaging Machines | Genestho 7 Series

Genestho 777

Automatic packaging machines Genestho 7 series are designed for packing cargoes on pallets in a stretch film with very high productivity, for productions with a dense schedule of production. The process takes place on a stationary pallet, thus excluding any risk of falling loads, regardless of the speed of the rotation lever. The principle of modularity offered by us contributes to the versatility of the use of equipment, and with the application of a packaging machine along with a conveyor for transportation pallets of the Genestho 8 series, we have the ability to pack a cargo with big length.

Belt Conveyors | Genestho 6 Series

Genestho 666

The Genestho 6 Series belt conveyors are widely used to transport bulk and manure in all industries and agriculture, in the extraction of minerals, in metallurgical production, in warehouses and in ports. The belt conveyors provide high performance with a transport speed of up to 8 m/s.