Model VA 800

Durable and reliable single chamber vacuum unit, developed for high capacity vacuum packing in industrial environments (food, electronics, pharmaceutics, textiles, clean rooms, etc). Hygienic and intelligent design, User friendly and fully HACCP compatible.

General specifications

  • Full stainless steel construction, conform to current CE standards
  • Flat working table and easily removable silicon holders for easy cleaning.
  • Sealing bars with double seal, in L- shape
  • Insert plates for adjusting chamber height and reducing cycle time.
  • Controlled ventilation (soft-air) for protection of product and packaging.
  • Digital control with 10 default programs.
  • Pump maintenance program as well as service indicator programs, sleeper function, etc.
  • STOP button for partial/full cycle interruption.


  • Parallel seal bars, both horizontally (2x 810 mm) or both vertically (2x 560 mm)
  • Gas flush (injecting food-gas) for product protection and longer shelf live.
  • Cut-off, wide or bi-active seal
  • Sensor control.
  • Inclined insert plate for packaging liquid products.
  • Label printer.
  • Service kit for standard maintenance.

Technical Data


Dimensions (L x W x H)
Chamber dimensions760 x 510 mm
Chamber height200 mm
Seal bar length1 x 760 + 1 x 510 mm L shape
Busch pump100 m³ / h
Cycle15 - 40 sec
End vacuum (1 Mbar)99,99%
Electrical power400V / 3f / 50Hz / 3,0 - 5,0 kW