Model 562A: Automatic Derinding Machine

Conveyorized derinding machine for automatic processing of all pork cuts. Precise cut control system allows derinding without remaining rind, especially at the beginning of the cut. Step less adjustment with Maximum yield.


Most versatile derinder for automatic peocessing of all meat cuts (such as bellies, loins, bacons, fatbacks, jowls, etc) and for lard slicing.


  • PVC coated infeed / outfeed belt
  • Hard Press Roller


  • Grooved Inflate Roller (Soft)
  • Non-grooved Inflatable (Soft)

Technical Data

Dimensions (mm)2365 x 1002 x 1440 (L x W x H)
Weight462 kg
Skinning Width460 mm
Motor3 x 400V - 50 Hz / 2,2 kW