Cretel Sharpenset

Sturdy, simple and effective. The guide has predetermined angle of 7,5° to give a quick keen edge. If desired, knifes can be laid flat on the stone or any intermediate angle to produce the angle of your choice.

A variety of tools can be ground by wet grinding on flat surface, either by hand or with the use of various attachments. The machine fitted with 180 watt motor, continuously rated, of a wellproportioned diamond trued stone for long life. Lubification and cooling of blades and tools is maintained by a self-contained, constant supply of water to the stone, ensuring there is no risk whatsoever of drawing the temper of the steel. The basic machine is constructed entirely of aluminium die castings, finished in a pleasant shade of stove enamel. Robust, compact, portable and fully guaranteed.

Technical Data

Dimensions400 x 280 x 300 (h) mm
Weight12,5 kg
Motor230V / 50 Hz