Reusable packing system ConPearl

Reusable packing system - Craemer ConPearl Sleeve System - for packaging of various goods, storing and transportation!

  • Minimize product damage and protect your shipment
  • A simple system for packing and transporting of non-standardised packages
  • Maximum security and safety for the goods with a minimal time-effort to get packing system in place
  • Easy handling, also for female workers, due to light weight and simple construction
  • Sleeve designed as a Bubble Guard Sleeve = very robust and strong enough for a load of ca. 600 - 700 kg stacking load
  • Available for 1/2 Euro (ISO 0), Euro (ISO 1) and industrial (ISO 2) size

Craemer pallets with Craemer ConPearl Sleeve and pallet lid - quality is the best value

  • Processing of only pure materials for long-term maintenance free use 
  • Extremely durable with high loading capacity
  • Designed and tested for highest hygiene 
  • Excellent running smoothness on conveyor systems and in automated warehouses

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