Large containers 125 - 400 l

Masters every demand for hygiene.

  • Overcomes every demand for hygiene
  • A favourite choice for the food industry for decades
  • Always natural virgin HDPE
  • Extremely durable and robust

Craemer’s large containers have long since become a standard particularly in the meat industry. They meet all requirements for hygiene, stability, easy handling and durability. Food grade, consistency in shape due to steel bars reinforcing the rim, easily cleaned due to the smooth surface and resistance to chemicals, are main characteristic features of these Craemer products. Economic and extremely durable, the specially tapered design also reduces storage space considerably and thus costs. Craemer’s large containers are all available with lids. Safe and easy handling is ensured as pump truck forks and forklifts can enter beneath the containers, the entry gap between the feet having a clearance of 100 mm. All of the large containers can be used in temperatures ranging from -30° C to +70° C.

Large containers Technical Data*
Art. No. Description External/Internal Dimensions mm
L x W x H
Weight kg Material Colour
81031110 Large container 125 l, nestable, stackable with lid 505 x 505 x 715 440 x 440 x 695 5.8 HDPE nature
80103110 Lid for 125 l large container (stackable) 520 x 520 x 40 1.3 HDPE nature
81021110 Large container 210 l, 4 feet, nestable, stackable with lid 790 x 605 x 685 725 x 540 x 575 8.9 HDPE nature
80093110 Lid for 210 l large container (stackable) 804 x 625 x 40 2.9 HDPE nature
80071000 Trolley for 210 l large container 635 x 470 x 195 10.2 zinc-coated
81181815 Economic Transport box 300 l, 5 feet, nestable and stackable 1200 x 780 x 580
985 x 706 x 470
17.7 HDPE light grey
83261110 Lid for 300 l large container (stackable) 1223 x 806 x 70 5.6 HDPE nature
81011110 Large container 400 l, 4 feet, nestable, stackable with lid 945 x 725 x 830 875 x 655 x 705 17.4 HDPE nature
80503110 Lid for 400 l large container (stackable) 952 x 745 x 47 5 HDPE nature
80061000 Trolley for 400 l large container, 2 fixed wheels, 2 rotating wheels with wheel stop 770 x 555 x 195 11.9 zinc-coated
Individual colours, printings depending on quantity of request
* All technical data include characteristic features which have been tested under specially defined conditions (for a period of 28 days at a room temperature of 20°C using water and therespective lid for container). Varying data may result from different conditions of usage such as loading method, prevailing temperature and length of storage time. Our service team is pleased to be at your disposal to check the special requirements of your individual application.