Cassel Quality Control Inspection

Metal Detectors & X-Ray Systems and Checkweighers

Cassel’s product quality inspection systems protect expensive production machines against damage that would happen from undiscovered metal objects and thus protect the reputation and added value of our customers.

Metal Detectors

The METAL SHARK® is a metal detector to detect metallic foreign bodies in non-metallic products, and they are thus used in many industrial processes, particularly in the food production sector, where great demands are made on product quality and sanitation.

X-Ray Systems

The XRAY SHARK® is an x-ray machine with an integrated conveyor belt. It automatically inspects packed, unpackaged or loose products. It detects impurities and possibly other individual attributes such as completeness, form, mass of the product. The device automatically classifies and sorts out faulty products.


The WEIGH SHARK® checkweighers are automated machines for checking the weight of packaged products. The weighing is a dynamic, in-motion process. It is used to ensure that the weight of a pack is within specified limits. An optional reject system removes any packs that are outside the tolerance range.